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Feeling so much better about Life, the Universe, and Everything in general these days. Despite some concerns and worries (which I'll hopefully resolve one way or another by the end of the month), I'm generally in good spirits with decent quantities of up-energy. WhooHoo!

I attribute this largely to my pants. They've begun falling down. Yep, I feel and see many positive effects from losing 30+ lbs and exercising regularly(ish) during the past 5 months. Lost some steam w/Aqua Fit for 3 weeks, but managed to take some good walkies the weekplus on Kauai. Otherwise sticking to schedule of water aerobics 1-3 times weekly, even when traveling in OR. Have plans for least one water aerobics class on this upcoming CA Toad Rip.

Good Times

Mar. 29th, 2019 06:55 am
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I recently had a FAB time w/fambily (and solo) on Kauai! Link to pics here:
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WW and AquaFit and regaining energy and losing pant sizes and heading to Kauai on Monday for 8 days are all good things. Battling for health insurance coverage again/s'more, however, remains a mighty drag. I've not actually torn my hair out, but I have been in tears more than once during this process. Stress-level's actually decent currently, but it's been touch and go at times the past three (3) months plus. RANT BELOW. I'd cut, but cannot remember how and don't have the bandwidth to figure it out again now.

I'd thought all was fine after the initial long conversation following many hours on hold back on 12/13/18. Learned when I followed up a month later, when something I'd been expecting hadn't arrived, that all was NOT fine. Jumped through another hoop, paid another chunk o change, and again assumed all was fine until I followed up again another month later, as instructed, only to learn that they'd f'd up royally the previous month, which lead to dotting more i's crossing more t's, as well as an escalation (essentially an appeal). Followed up a week later, only to find out that the request was denied. Have been awaiting the 02/28/19 letter the supervisor (yes, I went up the food chain this time) told me had been mailed along with appeal info. Called yesterday to find out whassup since I'd not rec'd the letter.

Turns out the supe had given me the wrong info, and the decision CANNOT be appealed, even though it was entirely their FAULT. (Still haven't gotten any written notification of any of this!) Also yesterday got a worrisome email and letter from another of the various entities which contained conflicting info. (I'm dealing with 4 different entities, 2 of which are governmental (1 state & 1 fed'l).) Delving deeper into one issue, I discovered an odd but ultimately acceptable situation for one small portion (apparently failure to pay premiums does not go to collections). Finally eventually found someone (in another entity) who seemed to know what I needed to do for real this time. Called another entity this AM to move the process along, only to get someone on the phone (after another on-hold session) who wasn't very helpful. She'll send along my info to a division within that entity who'll research whether what I've said is true. I offered to send along the letter which confirms what they need to know, but that's not good enough apparently, despite being told by t'other entity that I MUST GET that letter to them. *eye-rolling mightily now*

Nada to do now but hurry up and wait, and check back next week, then again the following week, and hope that nothing medically bad happens in the meantime, because now my Kaiser's been terminated, because actually having insurance w/Kaiser (Marketplace) is a chunk of what's held up my getting Kaiser (OHP) insurance... Meanwhile, my Rx meds are running quite low, SINCE THIS WAS ALL SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF LAST YEAR! ALL SO FREAKIN' F*CKED UP! *rant over*
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Despite not getting up until nearly Noon, it's been quite a productive day. Used the Domino Effect to my advantage. Wanted to cook while looking outside the kitchen window at the next-door neighbor's camellias blooming oh-so-nicely. First, then, I had to move everything off the window ledge. Secondly I had to dust the ledge. Thirdly, I had clean off all the items before replacing them (moving them around as needed), so I could finally Windex the window.

Mind you, I hate dusting with a passion, so find it astonishing and pleasing that I did this. Taking this as evidence that eating better and working out is helping with my energy levels. One Spring Cleaning goal (as in before Spring ends ;-): FULL HIVE MAGNUM DUSTING. Perhaps Baby Steps is the way to go rather than try to Dust All The Things, which I find incredibly daunting. Even if it's slow and steady such that when done at the end it's time to start again where I began (kitchen window), at least stuff's getting dusted and cleaned throughout the year/season.

Anyway, once I got my desired view, I made a vat of chili. Tasty - and good going WW-wise. One (1) cup of chili costs only one (1) WW point! So dinner consisted of chili w/grated cheddar, sour cream, and avocado. Heavenly!

While and after cooking, I finished 95% of a compilation (LightHouse), made more travel plans (monthly trips for next 3 months, with another likely in May that I've barely begun thinking about), browsed news websites along w/FB & InstaGram, read s'more of The Amber Spyglass in anticipation of the BBC production due out in April, and took care of this and that.

Now back to the annual Downtown Abbey cold weather rewatch. Fingers crossed for snow!


Jan. 23rd, 2019 11:23 pm
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Phew for having the worst 2/3 of the recent DDS experience over and down with now. Yesterday's completion of the root-canal redo went fine. The only thing left is a return to my regular DDS for a permanent filling on the crown for the tooth the endodontist (sp) mucked about with successfully.

Took today fairly easy for continued recovery. Did manage to start making various plans for the next few months. Nice having some things to look forward to on the calendar. Had a fine long weekend up in WA: Click for Pics
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Rummaging though attic boxes earlier today, I stumbled upon several old items that triggered good memories. Managed to make a lot of space in the box, and'll combine the worth-saving contents of several into one, so that's pleasing. One of these days I really must organize all my PlayBills in one place, ideally chronologically.
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You know when you thought you'd taken care of something, but then you learn they (insert relevant bureaucratic contact) didn't tell you everything you needed to do, so you get on the phone first thing in the AM (as in over an hour ago), and start making even more phone calls. That's been my morning, complete with time on-hold and at least session of "oh, we (Y) don't do that, X does that," when X had already insisted I'd need to talk to Y, because X doesn't do that. Experienced bonus annoyance from numerous incidents of getting re-routed through various people and #s simply because my phone number starts with a SoCal area code. Apparently nobody has ever moved from CA to OR and kept their cell #, so when they see a (310)#, they assume I'm calling from and about something in CA. WTF?!

Anyway, I'm done for now and've calendared a 30-day follow up w/X, which'll trigger follow ups w/Y and then Z, all so I can get back to X the Right Way.

Off to Common Grounds for coffee next. At least yesterday was full of easy to come by WIN:

Click for Pics
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Reading all these and quite liking some of them. Finding fine Brain Fodder in spots. Here's a good bit:

On Writing: "An individual talent acts like a fishing net that captures daily experiences, holds them together imaginatively, and connects them to fundamental questions about the human condition." - Elena Ferrante -
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OMG it makes such a huge difference to add hefty pinches of nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and allspice to my plain non-fat yogurt & chopped apple snack. Much tastier - and far more satisfying.

Going out this evening to hang out w/friends & acquaintances & strangers (to me) for writing & drawing. Well, some of them will draw, I'll stick to writing. What will I write? Whatever strikes my fancy. Glad to expand my social network some.

Cell's Dead

Jan. 8th, 2019 11:50 pm
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EDIT: Okay, it was NOT charged up, yet it'd been plugged in, so either the charger and/or the thingie where the phone & charger meet has gone wonkey. Either way, it's working now (once I decided to try plugging it in elsewhere). PHEW!

:-( It was working fine, but the next time I picked it up, it didn't work at all. It was charged up plenty. Long-pushing the button to turn it off does nada.

So, I'll deal with this tomorrow. Since I'm insured, apparently I can get another iPhone 6 as a replacement (although I have a hard time believing they even HAVE them anymore). Perhaps I'll get some credit towards another one, perhaps an XR. NOT what I'd intended to do tomorrow. Bleh.

In the meantime, please contact me via email if you need to reach me.

DDS Blehs

Jan. 8th, 2019 12:08 pm
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Back home after early morning visit to the Endodontist (sp). #14 needed a root canal retreat, so DDS specialist drilled through the crown, dug around, took out bad old stuff, packed space full of antibiotics, and put temp filling onto whole thing. Back in two weeks to have that removed and perm stuff put in instead. Then'll visit regular DDS for perm crown filling.

I'm not a fan of dental work. Took pills to help me sleep last night, then again this AM to help lessen anxiety during procedure. BF drove me both ways, and is now fetching soup from Maru nearby. Feeling distinctly out of it. Wobbly when walking. Thoughts not very deep or long. Have pot of tea handy, as well as the remote. Reclining on couch. Taking the day to do nada or whatever. Hopefully the drugs will wear off by tomorrow, but there's a chance they'll stay in my system through the AM, too. Supplementing w/ibuprofen & Tylenol as needed to keep the pain at bay.
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Ok, I've not completely fallen off the WW wagon, but it's definitely listing to one side this week (week 7). Read more... )
Anyway, my journey so far has me down 5% of my initial body weight, feeling generally more energetic with less ankle and hip pain, so I'm heading in the desired direction towards my ultimate goals. Hmm, writing this out has helped me gain perspective and stop beating myself up-phew! THIS is something I've missed about LJ, using writing to work through an issue. Glad to be back to it, at least a bit.
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I know I'm lucky to have fambily I love and get along with well, who also love me and my friends and get along with us and want to spend time together. Xmas is all about fambily for me, nada to do with anything religious.

Mom & hubby J arrived on 12/20, and leave the afternoon of 12/30. We whisked them away to the coast for a couple of days on 12/21, as our xmas gift to them. The weather cooperated admirably the day we arrived. We ambled through bits of Oswald West State Park to Short Sands Beach for a picnic and beach walkies. We also visited Ecola State Park for the views of the coast, including Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock.

From our rooms, we watched all the surfers try to catch the perfect waves. I've never seen so many surfers out at once before. At one point I counted over three dozen in the water. We had brunch (proudly featuring gluten-free Hollandaise sauce! ;-) at Finn's and explored some of Seaside, OR. Hit the aquarium in time for sea lion feeding and spent a fun chunk o' time watching them, assorted fish, the four (4) resident octopuses, and various other sea creatures.

Saturday night featured a fine dinner at the Irish Table in Cannon Beach (behind Sleepy Monk coffeehouse). Mighty tasty food and a decent wine selection made us all happy campers. That night we all marveled at the massive storm complete with much lightning and thunder. Finally drove home via Astoria where we visited RiverSea art gallery, had lunch at Ft George Brewpub, walked up the Astoria Column, toured the old cannery museum on pier 39, and coffee'd at Coffee Girls (still my fave coffeeshop in Astoria).

Since then, it's been xmas prep, xmas gift-opening w/eggnog, xmas dinner w/friends over, Boxing Day w/fambily over, another afternoon visiting fambily, and then a couple days of rest (yesterday and today). WheeZoomPhew!

Click for Pics:


Dec. 19th, 2018 07:27 pm
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Okay, some may quibble, but I maintain that tooth pain is the WORST pain. Luckily, I snagged an emergency DDS visit this AM and am now hopped up on Tylenol 3 and ibuprofen. Hoping the antibiotics help, too. Best case scenario for tomorrow AM: emergency root canal retreatment (redoing an old one). Fingers crossed re: getting a last-minute appt w/the specialist today's dentist referred (closed today or I'd've tried already).

Did I mention that my 'rents fly in tomorrow AM? Or that we're scheduled to go coastal Friday AM for two nights?

EDIT: Saw specialist this AM and now have appointments for a root canal retreat for January 8 & 22, 2019 (earliest available). Hopefully this'll work. DDS plans to go in, dig out all the nasty stuff from an old root canal that's funky and failing, pack my head with antibiotics, then take it out a couple of weeks later and refill it with good stuff. Of course, he won't know what's up for sure until he gets in and starts digging, but fingers crossed this'll do it.
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Back from a quick coastal getaway (Seaside, OR) before the holiday madness goes up to 11. Went walkies along various trails in Oswald West State Park to Short Sands Beach on the sunny day. Did 95% of my Xmas cards on the rainy day. It's close enough to home that even after sleeping in some this morning and visiting a couple of my fave haunts, I still got back in time to take care of some necessary stuff, do some holiday planning, and organize & upload my photos. Click for pics:

Click for Pics
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I'm just loving this bright and sunny and cold week in Portland. Lots of short days, hot soup, burning candles, x-mas decorations & music, and smiles. So glad to spend both Thanksgiving and x-mas here. Cannot remember the last time I did that. Travels will kick back in again come January, but that's next year. For now I can enjoy being here.
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And the madness has subsided. Nearly a week ago, visitors began arriving. My two houseguests didn't fly in until Wednesday, but I helped amuse other out-of-town guests before then, and organized various meals and activities. Led a small contingent on a nice Columbia Gorge & Voodoo donut outing on Tuesday, then 10 of us went out for dinner that night. Wednesday dinner out for 13. Thursday breakfast out for 9. Hosted 15 for dinner (lasagna &c.) at Hive Magnum on Thursday night. Took a dozen out-of-town'ers to The Amazing Bubble Man & Jade Pearl Black show at Clinton Street Theater on Friday morning (marvelous show), then picked up food for Thanksgiving (belated): we were 18 for dinner at friend's house in NE on Friday night. Juggled schedules and made PDX-runs on Saturday. Had three folks spend the night Saturday night. (Returned for final Bubble Man & Jade Black Pearl show of the weekend Sunday afternoon, solo. FAB time!) Smaller dinner yesterday after a bit more sight-seeing. The final friend from out-of-town flew out this AM. PHEW!

Managed to make it to the gym for Aqua Fitness twice last week: Monday & Wednesday. (Gym cancelled classes on Friday & Saturday.) Went back again yesterday. Attended complementary Personal Trainer session (aka sales pitch) this AM. Have kept to all my weekly Weight Watcher point goals, even with the holiday. PHEW! Down 10 lbs now since I began.

Cravings have kicked in the past few days. I'm less busy, so my mind's not as full of schedules, plans, &c. Evenings seem to be the worst. It feels good not to give into temptation. Well, after the fact it feels good. At the time, it's annoying.

Last night I grabbed an apple and a few mini-carrots when what I wanted was to rip open the bag of leftover croissants from Petite Provence and stuff them info my mouth. Right now I've got the bowl of leftover Halloween candy on the dining room table in an effort to test - and hopefully - strengthen my resolve. Actually, chocolate's not such a big deal to avoid. But there're some cheeses in the my fridge that're singing to me like the Sirens. Must. Not. Give. In. LaLaLaLa...

Back to the pool in the AM.

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody today; liked it very much.
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Marvelous time away, enjoying Fall colors and unseasonably dry weather. If 1 pictures is worth 1,000 words, here's a long write-up:
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Okay, this'll likely get me posting here regularly, although the inability to post while traveling (when I have only cell phone and not my laptop) will interfere some w/this plan. In short, I've finally started taking action on getting into better shape and thereby regaining my stamina and energy. This two pronged-process involves paying attention to (and reducing) my daily food/drink intake and also to noting (and increasing) my weekly activity levels. I plan to post here about these processes, and hopefully will also post about other things in my life once I'm back in the DW fka LJ habit.

Cut In Case This Isn't Your Cup o' Tea )
Leaving town Sunday AM for a Fall Colors train ride (hopefully 2 - 2 hour rides) out of Wheeler, OR. It runs along the Nehalem Bay some, then up the Nehalem River. Should be marvelous!

It's been a fine Fall, full of lovely colors and fallen leaves. We had a full weekplus of warm weather, which was delightful. Now the temps have fallen into the 30s at night with highs in the 50s. I do so love living in a city and state with real seasons, even though they're SeasonsLite compared to much of the rest of the country ;-) Here's a link to photos of my recent last-minute jaunt up the Columbia Gorge:


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